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Add On Treatments

Biomat Crystal Healing session  $25

The Biomat is an FDA approved mat that combines Far Infrared Rays as well as negative ions and crystals such as amethyst, tourmaline, and jade to produce penetrating energy that is both healing and invigorating.  A session on the Biomat will help relieve pain, reduce stress and fatigue, rejuvenate skin, give you a deep sense of relaxation, naturally detoxify the body at a cellular level, improve sleep, increase blood circulation, and boost energy and vitality.  Added to my Reiki Facial or energy session and it will amplify the release of negative energy to restore balance, and amplify the healing energy of the Angels and Reiki to increase emotional healing and realign chakras bringing you peace. 

Signature Plus Add On     $25

The Signature Plus Add on is the perfect addition to my Signature facial when you need just a bit more.  Everything that the Signature facial brings PLUS a professional strength Enzyme exfoliation that breaks down the "glue" that holds dead, dulling skin cells together which can lead to flaky skin, clogged pores, rough texture and overall dullness to the skin. Then a customized Aqua Peptide Mask that has clinically proven active ingredients that reach down to the dermis to create lasting changes in the skin. The perfect duo when you are looking for amazing results.

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